Trip Planning!

Get the sunrise, sunset and twilight times for any date and destination in the world.

Create Reminders!

Create reminders from any sunrise to make sure your don't miss out on that wonderful time of day.

Calendar Events

Create Sunrise details events that you can share with anyone including sunrise, sunset and twilight times.


You can share any sunrise with full iOS Action Sheet integration, including all details or summaries, location maps and your notes.


With Maps integration you can share the sunrise location or get directions with a single tap.

Off-line Access

Once you've created sunrise events they are available for you to use even in the remotest parts of the world where the internet doesn't reach.

Start your Day!

Whether it's to see the first light of the day on your morning run or to catch the first bite of the day fishing or even to take an amazing photo of the sunrise (sunset for that matter) Sunrise Times can help you plan for it. Even if you're on the other side of the planet and haven't started on your new adventure yet.

First up download Sunrise Times (it's free ☺️)

Download on the App Store

Then it's simple, just pick a location, pick a day and start planning.

A Friendly Welcome…

The first time you open Sunrise Times we guide you through the options and permissions that the app can use. Best of all you can say No to all of them and still use it in a completely manual mode.

Location Access

See and Manage all Sunrises

Sunrise Times provides a list of all current sunrise events you created (and it will automatically clean up past sunrises if you haven't decided to keep them).

From the main screen you can delete sunrises, mark them to be kept or create Reminders or Calendar events (based on your preferences)

Mini Map

To quickly see the location of a sunrise simply tap on the Info icon and expand the cell.

Sunrise Mini-map


Each Sunrise Times entry that you create also includes times for:

  • Sunset
  • Solar noon
  • Day length
  • Civil twilight
  • Nautical twilight
  • Astronomical twilight

From the detailed view you can also get directions, add notes, create Reminders or Calendar events or share the days data through iOS's standard Share and Action sheets.


Naturally Sunrise Times can be shared with all details including location maps and link in apps that support it (like iOS's built-in Mail and iMessages apps)

Share sunrise times via iOS Mail


Sunrise times has an abundance of settings that you can change to your hearts content.

  1. Auto Fetch Sunrises

    When you launch Sunrise Times it will automatically fetch the sunrise details for your current location and create any new entries for you, starting from the current date.

  2. Number to Fetch

    The number of sunrises to fetch from the start date for automatic and manually added locations. The app defaults to 4 days, but you can set it to just fetch the current or specified date up to a full two weeks (14 days).

  3. Days To Save Sunrises For

    To prevent clutter Sunrises Times removes fetched sunrises after this timeout period, unless they've been marked to keep.

  4. Display using Current Timezone

    The dates and times are normally shown in the locations timezone, using this setting you can change it to show them your devices local timezone (which may mean you see sunrise times showing as 1:36 PM or 2:14 AM which can be confusing).

Reminders & Events

  • Create Reminders or Events

    You can choose to create Reminders (which only have a start time and priority) or Calendar Events (which have a start and and time and an alert) directly from within the app.

  • Store in

    By default Sunrise Times uses a seperate "Sunrise" list or calendar to store your reminders, you can also choose to use your default list or calendar.

  • Starts when

    When creating reminders or events their start time can be set to the beginning of Civil, Nautical and Astronomical Twilgiht which occur before the actual sunrise.

  • Ends At

    The time you want the calendar event to end at, by default it ends at sunrise, but you can also set it to end 15, 30 or 60 minutes after sunrise.

  • ~

  • Alert

    The default alert is 1 hour before sunrise, but you can also set it to the sunrise time, 2 hours before, 1 day or 2 days before hand.

  • Reminder Priority

    You can choose from None or the High, Medium and Low priorities typically found in the Reminders app.

  • Include in Notes

    When creating reminders, calendar events or sharing via messages, email e.t.c. you can choose to include all times, notes and details or the day, a summary of the times or nothing at all.

  • Include helper in Notes

    Reminders always displays the alert time in your local timezone, the "Helper" text is added to the notes field in any reminder you create with Sunrise Times to remind you of that as the rest of the times are in the sunrise locations timezone.

  • ~